Londen Marathon voor Mercy Ships

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After running the Rotterdam Marathon last year October I decided to go for the London one.

I’m a Maritime professional, have lived 5.5 years in London. I think it’s a great experience to run the London Marathon raising funds for Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships is a great organization providing medical care including life changing surgeries to people in need. They have 2 hospital ships currently operating in West Africa. Their latest ship the Global Mercy came in service this year. March this year I have visited her during her stay in Rotterdam. The ship is in great condition and I’m convinced Mercy ships with all her volunteers from all over the world are doing a great job.

Every penny raised will help more people access life-changing surgery and enable more local healthcare professionals to be trained to support their country’s healthcare needs.

I hope to raise a nice amount along friends and business relations.

Thanks for reading my story and thanks in advance for your support.

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€ 125,-
€ 2.000,-


€ 50,-

Ronald Soffree

€ 25,-


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